The North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church is committed to the well-being of all United Methodists in the Conference and maintaining ethical and healthy relationships between pastors, lay leaders and the persons they serve. 

The North Texas Conference has a zero-tolerance policy regarding any sexual misconduct either by clergy or lay people. The church should be a safe space where all people are valued as children of God, and those who have experienced hurt within its walls or ministries should be supported and protected.

Several resources are provided here to guide individuals, churches, leadership teams and ministries. These include:  

  • Definitions regarding sexual ethics and misconduct
  • Conference policies and procedures for ethics, misconduct and safety as well as guidance for creating local church policies
  • Educational and informational brochures and handouts
  • Guidance for reporting misconduct
  • Information regarding working with sex-offenders




Policies and Procedures


Brochures and Handouts




Sex Offenders and Church Participation Protocols


Resources and Training