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Administrative Workshops
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Board Chair (Simplified Accountable Structure)

Is your church looking for a governance model that will equip and empower laity to live into the mission and vision of the church? Hear NTC Center for Church Development Director Dr. Owen Ross and author Kay Kotan describe the Simplified Accountable Structure of board governance that will enable your church’s governing body to lead creatively and strategically.

Board Chair (Governance vs Management)

Learn about your important role as a leader on your church council or governing board. What is the difference between governance and management? As facilitator, NTC Center for Church Development Director Dr. Owen Ross says, “Boards that govern well equip ministry leaders to fulfill the mission of the church!”

Finance Committee

“It’s about discipleship, not just dollars,” says Texas Methodist Foundation’s Rev. John Thornburg. Join him for an empowering look at the sacred work of the finance/stewardship team at your church.

Lay Leaders

As the Lay Leader of your church, you may have questions such as: Why me? What’s my role? What resources are available? North Central District Lay Leader Kenneth Wolverton and NTC Associate Lay Leader Dave Farish help answer these questions and more.

Nominations & Leadership Development

NTC Associate Lay Leader Dave Farish discusses the responsibilities and opportunities of serving on the Nominations & Leadership Development Committee at your church. He shares how to get to know the members of your congregation and the gifts and talents they bring. You will also learn how to develop leaders and celebrate the work of the laity in your church.


Tune in to an inspirational message by consultant Neil Mosely as he discusses the fruit realized through the effective, creative, and faithful work of church trustees.

Ministry Workshops
Subject Description
Call Discernment

God’s call is for everybody! God calls some followers to licensed and ordained ministry and others to a myriad of lay ministry roles. Join Kelly Carpenter, Associate Director for the NTC Center for Leadership Development, as she encourages us all to discern God’s call in our lives and the lives of others.

Children’s Ministry

Rev. Emma Williams shares her experiences using Dr. Leanne Hadley’s “A Time For Children” philosophy on Sunday mornings. A Time For Children encourages teachers and parents to go deeper in ministry with children as they seek a God-centered spiritual transformation.

Community Partnerships (Outreach)

Rev. Amy Spaur encourages laity and clergy with her experiences at Christ Foundry UMC serving the surrounding community by building partnerships and relationships. When ministries and communities come together to share assets, dreams, and prayers, the mission of the church is fulfilled.

Community Partnerships (Schools)

Rev. Holly Bandel leads an inspiring panel of laity and clergy in discussing their experiences partnering with schools in North Texas. Listen as they share ways they’ve been able to advocate for students, tutor, and meet needs while at the same time, benefitting from the cultural understanding that comes through relationships.


Rev. Jeremy Basset is re-energizing and strengthening disaster response ministry in the North Texas Conference and invites us to participate. Learn how this ministry embodies its values of accompanying people who have suffered loss, amplifying the voices of those suffering and advocating for affected communities. Partner with Rev. Basset and the United Methodist Committee on Relief in bringing disaster response ministry awareness and training to your local church. 

Empowering Women Through UMW

North Texas Conference United Methodist Women President Julie Noel gives an overview of the work and history of the UMW. She celebrates the members around the world who are resilient, resourceful, responsive, and ready to serve! Join them and equip yourself for leadership in your church and in the conference.

Journey Toward Racial Justice

The NTC Journey Toward Racial Justice offers laity and clergy the chance to connect with others in a humble and faithful way. JTRJ Co-chair Rev. Silvia Wang shares her personal journey for the benefit of us all and invites us to participate in the Congregational JTRJ conversations taking place across the conference.

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Participation in Annual Conference is a great privilege, a great responsibility and a faithful way to contribute to the important work of the church. Join NTC Lay Leader Kim Brannon to walk through the experience of being a Lay Member of Annual Conference. You'll be inspired whether it is your first time attending Annual Conference or your 50th time!

Lay Servant Ministries

Join Susan Anderson and her panel of lay servants as they discuss the ways the Lay Servant Ministry program empowers and equips laity for service and ministry. Whether you desire to become a Certified Lay Servant or simply take a class, this ministry is for you!

Leading in the Midst of Conflict

How are we to lead during times of conflict and anxiety? Mediator Lisa Hancock shares tips, insights, and encouragement as we seek to lead our churches and serve God during troubled times.

Ministry Safe

Rev. Emma Williams from the NTC Center for Leadership Development shares important information on ways to keep children, youth and vulnerable adults in your congregation safe. Through use of the Ministry Safe online tool, Rev. Williams shares ways to protect kids and vulnerable adults from sexual abuse and keep liability low for the volunteers and staff who work with them. Whether you are a part of your church's Trustees or Staff-Parish Relations Committees or a church volunteer, this information is for you.

Ministry With Grants

CMO Associate Director Rev. Andrew Fiser talks about the benefits of being in mission "with" our communities. When strangers become friends, God is glorified.

New Faces New Spaces

Join NTC Center for Church Development Director Dr. Owen Ross as he inspires laity to gather new faces in new spaces so all will know the transforming love of Jesus Christ. Dr. Ross introduces training opportunities, guidance and grants and celebrates the job of the laity to build the church.

Technology During COVID-19

Rev. Phil Dieke and Dexter Evans encourage laity and clergy to re-think worship in this digital age. Tune in for new perspectives on worship along with specific ways to engage both your congregation and digital visitors.

Virtual Hospitality and Engagement

Join Beth Smith and the hospitality team at First UMC Richardson as they discuss the importance of hospitality ministry during difficult times. Building relationships and engaging lay people are more important now than ever! Clergy and lay people partner to lead the church and welcome people for Christ.

Volunteers in Mission

NTC Center for Missional Outreach Director Rev. Andy Lewis and Associate Director Rev. Andrew Fiser give inspiring examples of churches in mission during difficult times such as global pandemic. Join them as they discuss resources and partnerships available from the NTC Center for Missional Outreach to engage in mission with our neighbors.

Youth Ministry

In this energetic discussion, youth ministers C.J. Rice and Joel Eichler challenge laity to “pour into the current and future church that is our young people.” Be inspired by the wisdom they share on how to connect with the youth in your church and help them to feel known, valued and affirmed.


Guidelines For Leading Your Congregation

Click here to view and download any of 26 Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2017-2020, one for each ministry area. The booklets are tools that get new lay leaders off to a good start and as a reference resource for all lay leaders. Each booklet includes the basic "job description" for the leader as well as practical "how-to" information important to implementing ministry effectively.