As the North, Central and Northwest Texas Conferences move toward unification, as a rule, all current NTC board members will remain in place through 2024. Nominations for the new, unified conference will open May 19.

Interest Form

To review the Unified Conference's proposed boards, committees, councils, teams and task forces, see pages 15-25 of the Unification Plan.



May 19 – Period to submit Interest Form opens

June 16 — Deadline to submit an Interest Form

June 17 to June 23 — Office of the Assistant to the Bishop compiles Interest Forms

June 24 — Interest Form are made available for Nominations Committee as it begins its work to prepare a slate leaders

June 24 to August 31 — Nominations Committee completes its report to be made ready for electronic review by Extended Cabinet and Core Leadership Team (CLT)

September 1 to 15 — Nominations Committee report finalized

September 28 — The Nominations Report is presented to the Unifying Annual Conference for confirmation.


Please email Rev. Andy Lewis, Clergy Assistant to Bishop Saenz, with any questions.