Wesleyan Roots logoComing in 2022 

The Center for Leadership Development is pleased to offer a new resource for clergy and laity. It is a 12-session study called Wesleyan Roots, and will be available to local congregations in early 2022. The project was initiated by the Cabinet in 2021 as part of Bishop McKee’s emphasis on continually strengthening our Wesleyan identity.

Rev. Dr. Marsha Engle Middleton has authored the series which is in the final editing phase. It will be available in English, Spanish and Korean.

“Wesleyan Roots is different than a class in Methodist studies,” Rev. Dr. Middleton said. “Instead it is designed to highlight beliefs and practices that make United Methodism distinct from other Christian traditions.”

The curriculum draws out specific differences and nuances between United Methodism and other denominational traditions such as the Baptist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic faiths. It also looks at our distinctiveness compared to some congregational trends within the non-denominational church movement.

Each session will address an aspect of Wesleyan distinctiveness such as how we read scripture, the emphasis on grace, our understanding of the sacraments, the concept of free will, the process of salvation, insistence on diversity, social and personal holiness.

A brief video by a lay or clergy person from the North Texas Annual Conference will begin each session. Participants will receive a handout for each session, and group facilitators will receive a facilitator’s guide with a suggested lesson plan. Each lesson is designed to last no more than 60 minutes. A companion Resource Guide will offer recommendations for further study with suggestions for creative ways the Wesleyan Roots study can be used.

Wesleyan Roots is designed for both lay and clergy facilitators. The Cabinet, along with the Center for Leadership Development, is encouraging every pastor to lead at least one Wesleyan Roots study in their mission context in 2022. Each Elder, Deacon and Local Pastor who leads a study will be granted 12 contact hours of continuing education credit (1.2 CEUs).

Funded by a Sam Taylor grant, Wesleyan Roots will be offered to NTC clergy and congregations free of charge.

For more information email Rev. Dr. Middleton.