BannerWhy participate in Advanced Leadership Coaching? Can you answer yes to any of these questions ...

  • Navigating a new life-ministry blend?
  • Doing good but know it can be great?
  • Doing great but know it can still be better?
  • Going through a transition?
  • Wondering if it’s time to move toward the next transition?
  • Attending a conference or taking a course and want to give your implementation a greater chance of success?
  • Participating in BOM Residency?
  • Just became a senior/solo pastor for the first time?
  • Participating in A Time for Children/Youth?

Why Hire A Coach   The Value of Coaching

What is Advanced Leadership Coaching? It is our NTC way of saying any of the descriptions that come up when you enter ’professional coach’ into your search engine; such as ‘executive coach’ or ‘Life strategist’. We believe a key component to Leadership Development is the 1-1 relationship of working with a coach. A full system of professional development includes spiritual disciplines, continuing education, accountability/covenant groups, conferencing, mentoring, spiritual direction, counseling and COACHING! 

Isn't all coaching the same? Across the NTC there are several places that the term ‘coach’ is used, such as Healthy Church Initiative and Single Board Structure. Programs of that style use a content-specific model with coaches offering specific expertise in a particular area or for moving through the steps of a distinct process. Advanced Leadership Coaching is based in the co-active model. Individual coaching is an alliance between two equals for the purpose of the coachee achieving their personal and professional best. Our group coaching uses content-rich options engaging curriculum from various sources, content-focused options based on affinity, and co-active coaching options setting the agenda by the group for the group.

Individual Coaching 

How does Individual Coaching work? 

  • You register at this link.
  • You complete the pre-coaching worksheet provided by your assigned coach.
  • You schedule monthly meetings with your coach. Prior to each meeting you consider the work you’ve done on the goals previously determined, identify an area to work on in your coaching session, arrive to the coaching session open and ready for all the possibilities.
  • Your coach will check-in on action items from the previous session (some even have a check-in sheet prior to each session!), they will listen deeply, ask powerful questions, be curious, forward and deepen the conversation, work to identify goals, steps and accountability. Your coach will employ lots of skills learned through ICF approved training and continuing education. Skills such as accountability, bottom-lining, brainstorming, championing, clearing, intruding, listening, meta-views, reframing, identifying the saboteur, witnessing and more! Your coach is not there to give advice, begin a sentence with, “back in my day...”, tell you what you should do, analyze your childhood motivations, set your agenda for you.

Who are these Advanced Leadership Coaches? In Fall of 2017, the North Texas Conference launched the Advanced Leadership Coaching initiative led by pastors and lay persons who received a minimum of 60 hours of executive coach training towards certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Most of our Coaches have been trained by CAST and a few were trained by Coaching4Clergy. All have received at-least 60-hours of ICF accredited training and most of our coaches have completed individual or group mentor-coaching as a foundation for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

  • Edgar Bazan Rev. Dr. Edgar Bazan is an Elder serving as the Senior Pastor of New World UMC and previously at Casa Linda, Tyler Street and Oak Cliff United Methodist Churches. Edgar brings the ability to listen genuinely and compassionately to guide and encourage others to explore and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. Edgar’s vision for coaching is to contribute to the success and happiness of others.

  • Joseph Bradley Joseph Bradley is the Associate Director for Children, Youth and Camping and previously the Youth Director at FUMC Arlington. Joseph brings a mindset of limitless possibilities to the coaching relationship. Joseph’s vision for coaching is working together toward the challenge of expanding what is possible by tapping into ones own depth of knowledge and experience.

  • Kelly Carpenter Kelly Carpenter is a lay person serving as the Associate Director of the Center for Leadership Development and previously at Lovers Lane UMC, Spring Valley UMC and the TCU Wesley Foundation. Kelly organizes the NTC Advanced Coaching Initiative and serves as an individual, group and team coach. Kelly’s vision for coaching is to maximize a leader’s potential primarily through deep listening and curiosity along with all the tools of co-active coaching for the transformation of lives.

  • Vic Casad Rev. Dr. Vic Casad is a retired Elder and previously served as District Superintendent of the East District, Senior Pastor at Stonebridge UMC, Christ UMC, Farmers Branch, Aldersgate UMC, Farmersville and Valley View UMC. Vic brings personal experience of having been coached through several ministry challenges over the years and understands the benefit of working with a trained coach. Vic’s vision for coaching is being a valuable partner in fulfilling the vision you have for yourself.

  • Paige Christian Paige Christian is a lay person serving as the Director of Communications at Custer Road UMC. She has previously served as a Local Pastor at Christ UMC-Plano/Princeton, Cottage Hill UMC and Chambersville UMC. Coupled with more than 20 years of corporate and non-profit experience, as well as 5+ years of pastoral experience in both large and small churches, Paige brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to the individual, team or group coaching experience. Her vision is to empower people to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

  • Liz Diebold Liz Diebold is a lay person who previously served as the Children’s Ministry Director of Argyle UMC. Liz participated in the original A Time for Children cohort and has been coaching Children’s Directors, Youth Directors and laity since 2017. Liz’s vision for coaching is to encourage and empower leaders in exploring and expanding their gifts, talents, passions, knowledge and opportunities into viable action plans to better serve God’s Kingdom.

  • Cammy Gaston Rev. Cammy Gaston is an Elder serving as the Director of the Center for Leadership Development and previously as a District Superintendent of the Metro District. Her experiences of starting a new church, Campus Ministry, hospital chaplaincy, and in the local church have provided a wide spectrum of thinking. She is committed to empowering the leadership potential of lay and clergy leaders. Cammy’s coaching vision is to help clients clarify their direction, seek creative solutions and be the “best created version of themselves.”

  • Matt Gaston Rev. Matt Gaston is an Elder serving as the Lead Pastor of FUMC Plano and previously at University Park UMC and FUMC Denton. Matt believes his calling is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). Matt’s vision for coaching is to come alongside people and help them navigate more clearly the next steps of their life’s journey.

  • Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch Rev. Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch is an Elder serving as Lead Pastor of FUMC Allen and previously at Vista Ridge, Creekwood, Trinity-Duncanville and Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Churches. As a 9 on the Enneagram, Mary Beth brings the ability to easily hear and honor perspectives that are different from her own to the coaching relationship. Mary Beth’s coaching vision is to come alongside and partner with others to help them find their own wisdom.

  • Patrick Hoffman Rev. Patrick Hoffman is an Elder serving as Senior Pastor of Celina FUMC and previously at Henrietta, Valley View and as an Associate at Arapaho. Patrick brings curiosity, vulnerability and humor to the coaching relationship. Patrick’s vision for coaching is to walk alongside people and support, challenge and encourage them as they look inward in self-awareness and as they look forward to where God is leading them to grow.

  • April Johnson Bristow Rev. April Johnson Bristow is an Elder serving as the Associate Pastor at FUMC Richardson and previously at St. Luke "Community" UMC Dallas. April brings a passion for building resilience in ordinary as well as difficult times. She brings 21 years of serving in a cross racial appointment to her coaching. April encourages all coaching clients with a focus on Soul CARE. April’s vision for coaching is found in 2 Peter 1:5-10 focusing on effectiveness and fruitfulness.

  • Danielle Kim Rev. Danielle Buwon Kim is an Elder serving as the Associate Director for Research and Development at the Centers for Missional Outreach and Church Development. She previously served at Custer Road UMC and First Korean UMC. Danielle brings listening ears and empathetic presence to the coaching relationship along with her experiences in cross-cultural/cross-racial ministry settings. Danielle’s coaching vision is to provide a safe space for clients to reflect, explore, and grow.

  • Andy Lewis Rev. Andy Lewis is an Elder serving as the Assistant to the Bishop and Director of the Center for Missional Outreach and previously as lead pastor at FUMC Lewisville, Holy Covenant in Carrollton, and a church plant in McKinney and as youth minister at FUMC Richardson, Wesley UMC in Greenville and White Rock UMC. Andy enjoys investing in the leadership of clergy who are beginning their ministry or facing new challenges. Andy’s vision for coaching is to establish a foundation of a trusting relationship and build upon it by asking good questions, setting clear goals and providing support and accountability.

  • Monya Logan Monya Logan is a lay person serving as the Director of Worship and Arts at St. Luke “Community” UMC for over 25 years and as worship leader, clinician, and consultant throughout the connection.

  • S Dianna Masters Rev. S Dianna Masters is a retired Elder previously serving as Associate Director of the Center for Church Development where she gave leadership to strengthening the NTC Black Churches and Black pastors. She previously served as Pastor of Warren UMC and Associate Pastor of St. Luke “Community” UMC. S Dianna’s vision for coaching is helping pastors think through what they want to accomplish in their ministry while also establishing their core values that will guide their behavior in ministry.

  • John McLarty Rev. John McLarty is an Elder serving as the Senior Pastor of FUMC Wichita Falls and previously at Stonebridge UMC and founding pastor of Faith UMC in Corinth. John brings 27 years of professional ministry experience in the local church to the coaching relationship. John’s vision for coaching is to help people identify and deploy their creativity and resources to face challenges with courage and confidence.

  • Stacey Piyakhun Rev. Stacey Piyakhun is an Elder serving as the Lead Pastor of Melissa UMC, a multisite of FUMC McKinney, and previously at Christ UMC and FUMC Frisco. Stacey brings experience in new church planting, multisite development and balancing parenthood and pastoring to the coaching relationship. Stacey’s vision for coaching is to help people discover God’s abundance in the middle of their ministry setting.

  • Maggie Proshek Rev. Maggie Proshek is a Deacon who has previously served at Arapaho UMC, Stonebridge UMC and Rockwall UMC. Maggie enjoys walking alongside others and helping them discover the ways the Spirit is moving and at work within their life and ministry. Maggie’s vision for coaching is to listen and ask questions so that you can see that you have the tools you need to learn and grow in your setting.

  • Chris Schoolcraft Rev. Dr. Chris Schoolcraft is an Elder serving as the Senior Pastor of FUMC Lewisville and previously at Argyle UMC and Prosper UMC. Chris serves as an individual, group and team coach. He is also trained in appreciative inquiry, Enneagram and is in the process of being certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Abe Smith Rev. Dr. Abe Smith is an Elder serving as Associate Pastor of FUMC McKinney and previously at FUMC Allen and Christ UMC. Like a sports coach, Abe helps others identify their goals, creates a plan for winning and cheers them on to victory. Abe’s coaching vision is to help people live intentionality, grow forward and add value to the world. In addition to coaching with NTC, Abe and his wife Amy, can be found here.

  • Pam White Rev. Dr. Pam White is an Elder serving as the Senior Pastor of FUMC Rowlett. In this role she blends her past administrative experience from serving as a Senior Associate Pastor at St. Andrew UMC with the more personal, rural ministry experience from serving at Poetry UMC and Royse City UMC. In her coaching relationships, Pam applies her skills as a Licensed Professional Counselor to help facilitate personal growth and improve leadership skills. Pam’s vision for coaching is to use deep listening and powerful questions to help leaders embrace the opportunity for learning and growth that is present in every experience.

  • Emma Williams Rev. Emma Williams is a Deacon serving as the Executive Pastor of University Park UMC and previously as the Associate Director of Faith Formation at the Center for Leadership Development and at Wesley Rankin Community Center. She enjoys coming alongside innovative leaders to discover where God is moving in their ministries. Emma’s vision for coaching is to support, challenge and affirm people growing what it means to be in Christian community.

What you get ...

  • Eight monthly individual coaching calls
  • Completely confidential
  • Coaching season is September to May
  • A value of approximately $800-1,000 per coaching season
  • Cost for Members of the North Texas Annual Conference Clergy and Lay staff is $400
  • Individual coaching may be included in group coaching package or sponsored by NTC

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Group Coaching

Content-rich Group Coaching with participant prep before each session

  • The Art of WellBeing, Rev. Dr. Vicki Johnson — This course is designed for leaders who wish to optimize personal wellbeing so that positive energy and creativity are supported and sustained, even in times of disruption and turbulence. By the end of the course, participants will design a personalized wellbeing action plan (aka Rule of Life for WellBeing) which is specific and measurable, courageous yet realistic.
    • Six biweekly 90-minute group sessions, online
    • Two individual one-on-one coaching calls
    • Cost: $400
  • Academy of Artful LeadershipHolmes Coaching Group — brings together gifted leaders who are steering congregational change. We provide a series of facilitated peer conversations around major themes in ministry, followed by individual coaching. The outcome is greater clarity and calculated movement toward transformation within a congregation.
    • Eight monthly 90-minute group sessions, online
    • Six individual one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Cost: $990
    • New Specialty Courses (Advanced 2.0) available, designed to focus in key area of ministry: The Art of Creative Leadership

  • Christian Nurture: Beyond Christian Education, Rev. Dr. Ben Marshall & Kelly Carpenter – An exploration of Christian Nurture, meaning how we should be educating in a more holistic from birth to death format as opposed to the arena and age-segmented system that many church’s currently practice. We hope to reenergize the efforts of what does it mean to be faith leaders by recapturing the power of the nurturing task that once was held by Christian Education and to carry it beyond to a greater effectiveness in raising up disciples of Jesus Christ — loving servants of God’s justice and peace.
    • Eight monthly 90-minute group sessions online
    • Two Individual calls, one coaching and one spiritual direction
    • Cost: $400


Content-focused Group Coaching with no participant prep

  • Accelerate Success, Rev. Dr. Abe Smith – Strengthen your church and its people by accelerating your success and the success of your team. During the Accelerate Success content coaching sessions, Abe will share some foundational elements and tangible tools to further your success and achieve more for yourself, your team and the church. Each session you will walk away with a resource tool perfect for implementing immediately.
    • Six 60-minute content rich group sessions online
    • Biweekly 
    • Two 60-minute individual coaching sessions
    • Cost $247
  • A Time for ChildrenRev. Dr. Leanne Hadley – A Time for Children is a spiritual support, mentoring and coaching program. This group is designed to created intentional community between age-level ministry professionals, delve into the U-Shaped spirituality model and implementation of ATfC methods. 
    • Monthly 90-minute group sessions online
    • Monthly 60-minute individual coaching calls
    • Twice a year in person trainings with Dr. Leanne Hadley 
    • Cost: $200 + training housing and food.
  • A Time for Youth, Building on the ATfC model – A Time for Youth brings the U-Shaped spirituality model into the context of teen spiritual and social-emotional development, and offers support for youth ministry leaders in planning and implementing transformational programming for students.  
    • Twice a year in-person retreats
    • Monthly 60-minute individual coaching calls
    • Cost: Included with attendance at Retreats


Affinity Group Coaching where the group sets the agenda for each session

  • Local Pastor Cohorts
  • NTC 1st Time Senior Pastors
  • 2023 New Appointments


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For questions or other inquiries regarding coaching and clergy cohorts email Kelly Carpenter.


Continuing Education Grants

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