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A Time for Children and A Time for Youth are spiritual support, mentor and coaching programs. Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley began her ministry working with children and has spent the past 35 years figuring out how to best help children discover their best selves. Leanne joins with Children’s Ministry leaders to help you create spiritually transformative spaces for the children in your life!

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March 14-15 at Prothro Retreat Center.


The A Time for Children Cohorts are designed to created intentional community between age-level ministry professionals, provide continued education led by Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley, and offer coaching by a trained coach.

Cohorts begin with a retreat at Prothro Retreat Center, and continue monthly online. Leanne and Cohort Leaders will host monthly training calls that will be half training, half group learning. Some of this training will be review the standard model of God-Centered Spiritual Transformation, but Leanne has also been updating her content in response to the many changes in our society over the past two years. 

We realize that many program budgets have been significantly reduced over the past few months in light of the pandemic, so we have worked to keep the cost of the cohort to $200. If that is still prohibitive, please let us know, we will work with you make sure you are able to join. 

A Time for Children Cohort began October 2022.

A Time for Youth Cohorts are still in development, contact Emma Williams for more information.

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