What Are Lay Servants?

Are called ... Lay Servants are lay members of the United Methodist Church who are called to give primary attention to service within the local church. They may hear their call in the Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course and explore it through the advanced course Spiritual Gifts.

Are equipped ... Lay servants are equipped through Advanced Courses to collaborate with clergy and to grow in service to church and community through ministries of Leading, Caring and Communicating.

Are sent ... When Lay Servants are called, equipped, sent and effectively deployed, the missional results within the local congregation can energize the entire laity, so that together, we can make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

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Susan Anderson

Phone number: 214-450-3996

Director's Comments

Lori MasseyLori Massey

Phone number: 903-227-0302

I have worked in health insurance claims for over 42 years. However, my passion is living in ministry. I became a Certified Lay Speaker in 2004, serving as a district director in 2008, and completed the Certified Lay Minister course in 2010. I have facilitated a number of classes. One of my favorite classes is the Basic classes. I am blessed to see the Spiritual growth and Spiritual journey of many. The Lay Servant Ministries has 3 main focus points: Caring, Leading and Communicating. The three focus points I have embraced with this is: Encouraging, Empowering and Engaging. These are active verbs in which I believe all Christians are called in ministry with each other and the world around. East District lay servants teach classes, lead worship and fill pulpits on a routine basis. There are leadership roles that are served. This helps our small rural congregations continue to live a full life.

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Rodrick DangerfieldRodrick Dangerfield

Phone number: 214-918-4101

I have been active in Lay Servant Ministries over the past 10 years serving as one of the district's facilitators. I look forward to our continued commitment in Leading, Caring and Communicating. We have exciting opportunities before us in learning how to effectively minister to our communities and to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. My transition into this role comes at a challenging time for our nation as we are physically distant as a result of COVID-19, while also being called to address matters of social justice. Despite our current circumstances, we have the opportunity to minister to people in unique and innovative ways. While many of us may be pained by the experiences that we are encountering, let us be hopeful in the message that we have to share and that is God is with us.

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Darrell OrtizBlanche Farnam

Phone number: 530-863-0589

“Rise Up! And remain committed to Love’s teachings.” Adapted from 2Timothy 1:13. Lay Servant Ministries offers to all lay people the opportunity to be equipped and prepared witnesses of Christ. I am an active disciple of Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Carrollton. Thirty-eight years of public-school teaching and 31 years of ministries of Lay Servants have been my background and spiritual foundation. I am passionate about organizing, leading, witnessing and walking on the journeys of faith of all believers. I am committed to the United Methodist Church at the local, district, conference, jurisdictional and General Conference levels. I am here to serve and welcome all who want to witness for Christ through Lay Servant Ministries.

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Ray MorganRay Morgan

Phone number: 972-464-6892

I served 21 years in the military and am now retired from the U. S. Airforce. In 2008 I took a position as an Aviation Safety Inspector with the FAA. That’s my day job! Ministry became a foundational part of my life when I first married Debbie in 1993. She was raised in the Methodist church, and she demonstrated the power and Love that comes with serving others. Before I had just bounced around from one Protestant church to another. That jumping around ended when I felt the call those 30 years ago. God touched and urged me to settle down in Bixby FUMC Oklahoma. I stopped searching and started serving others. It was hard for me at first because I wanted to know all I could about Jesus and how John Wesley inspired so many to come together and learn together. Having that knowledge built my confidence and provided me with understanding crucial for His work. The gifts of teaching seem to always percolate to the top for my ministry. It fits well with my burning desire to inform the curious and arming each person with knowledge to truly understand who Jesus was and who/what he is now. I’m currently teaching Basic and most Advanced Lay Servant classes in the North Texas Conference. As a Certified Lay Speaker for the past 20 years, I have brought the message and worshiped with more than a dozen churches. Our home church is Whitesboro UMC. We have 8 children and 8 grandchildren.

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