For more than 20 years, the United Methodist Church has had a growing presence in Honduras. Today, the Mission there consists of 23 congregations and numerous United Methodist-affiliated organizations. In January 2019, Bishop McKee was installed as the new episcopal leader of the Mission in Honduras. This leadership transition offers great promise for the Mission in Honduras not only because of Bishop McKee’s gifts and passion but also because he brings with him the relationships and resources of the North Texas Conference.

The CMO is in dialogue with leaders of the Mission in Honduras to develop a model for local churches in North Texas to be in partnership with our Honduran brothers and sisters. In keeping with our “ministry with” values, the CMO is putting together ways for local churches, as well as individual clergy, in North Texas and Honduras to form long-term relationships based on mutual learning and exchange. 

If you or your local church is interested in learning more emerging partnership opportunities with the Mission in Honduras, please email .

Partner Church Covenant