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Cleaning Kits

The Louisiana Conference needs help cleaning up after Hurricane Ida. The North Texas Conference set a goal of donating 1,872 Cleaning Kits (previously called Flood Buckets). The collection ran Sept. 12 through Oct. 3.

The Kits will be transported to the UMCOR depot in Pawnee, Ill., in early November. The Sager-Brown depot is closed to volunteers right now due to COVID.

Why 1,872 Cleaning Kits? That is how many will fit into a trailer.

We would love to see and share pictures of your church assembling Cleaning Kits. Email your pictures or share a link here.

What Goes Inside A Cleaning Kit



Hygiene Kits

Sager-Brown has also asked for hygiene kits. This has become necessary because of the outflow of existing kits due both to the flood victims and to the arriving Afghan refugees.

What Goes Inside A Hygiene Kit