Since 2019, the Center for Missional Outreach has awarded $170,000 to local churches and related ministries through our Ministry With grants. We believe that United Methodists who are connected with their local communities can be powerful forces for creativity, compassion and justice and we are honored to be able to support their work.

In 2023, Ministry With grants will be available in two options:

Ongoing microgrants will be available throughout the year. These grants of no more than $1,000 will be available to enable individuals and groups to start smaller projects because we know opportunities arise year-round.

The Fall Cycle will be open for applications September 1-October 15. These grant awards may be up to $10,000 per grant, with smaller grants also available.


Ministry With grants are for new efforts or efforts that expand existing ministries with particular emphasis on ministry with our neighbors.

Applications will be evaluated according to how they intend to live into our “ministry with” values:

  • Come alongside neighbors in a spirit of friendship and mutuality. Listen to and learn from them.
  • Build long-term relationships with neighbors.
  • Uncover the often-undervalued gifts, talents, dreams, desires and connections of neighbors.
  • Adopt the iron rule: never do for others what they can do for themselves.
  • Embody and demonstrate racial equity and anti-racism

  • Address the systems that perpetuate suffering and inequity rather than only deal with the symptoms of our broken world.
  • Use a strengths-based approach that leverages the gifts and relationships of local partners.

2022-2019 Grant Recipients     

To discuss your 2023 ideas or ask a question, please email Rev. Jessica Wright or call her at 972-526-5018. Rev. Wright would be happy to look over a draft of your application. You can download a Word document here.