• Employee Assistance Program

    Click on the link above and scroll down to the EAP section for information on when you should use EAP

  • Talkspace connect with a licensed therapist via text message or video chat usually within a day or two.

    Wespath has added Talkspace to its Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for its HealthFlex participants and their family members. You get eight free EAP sessions per concern per year. One week of messaging via Talkspace counts as one session. A face-to-face Talkspace video session also counts as one session.

    How to register:

        1. Contact the Optum EAP at 1-866-881-6800 and request a Talkspace authorization code.
        2. Visit talkspace.com/connect. Under "Use my Employee Assistance Program (EAP)," click "Get Started."
        3. Fill out the basic information. Type Wespath in the "Organization name" field and enter the Authorization Code received in Step 1.

    After registering, it is easy to find a therapist with Talkspace's online matching tool. After the individual selects a therapist, a complimentary orientation session with the therapist is recommended. The orientation session does not count as one of the eight EAP visits.

Boarding homes

  • Mental Health America of Greater Dallas supports safe, clean boarding homes for those that are recovering from mental illness.
  • Call the City of Dallas at 214-670-1972 for the most updated and accurate information regarding boarding home facilities, regulations and licensing.

Crisis Lines and Resources

  • Resource Center Dallas offers counseling, support groups and outpatient programs
  • Trans Lifeline is a hotline run by trans people offering emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis
  • Trevor Project offers youth counseling via chat, call or text

Mental Health First Aid offers free classes (virtual, in-person or blended) every month. Participants will learn to identify anxiety, depression, eating disorders and ADHD and connect the person with help.

  • Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas 24/7 Crisis Line: 1-214-828-1000
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • North Texas Behavioral Health Authority: 1-877-653-6363 or 1-214-366-9407
  • COVID-19 Related Mental Health Concerns: 1-833-986-1919

To suggest additional resources, email Rev. Andrew Fiser