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Methodist Legacy of Championing Educational Equity

  • As United Methodists, we acknowledge that children are full human beings in their own right. We believe children have a right to education, and parents and governments have an obligation to provide them with the access to an adequate education. (Social Principles, ¶ 162C)
  • Educational equity is core to who we are as United Methodists, therefore, as One + One mentors and volunteers, we seek to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God” and with the children and families in our communities that suffer from unjust practices and policies. 


One + One's Goal for United Methodists

One + One began as the 2015 vision of Bishop Michael McKee and the Center for Missional Outreach. This initiative focuses on educational equity and one-on-one mentoring through church-school partnerships.

One + One exists to:

  • Provide educational inequity awareness
    • For example, the higher minority population a school district has, the lower their gifted and talented identified population tends to be. This trend exists regardless of size, economic disadvantage, and magnet status. Despite their brilliance, our minority students, on average across Texas, are not being identified as gifted and talented and given the same advantages at the same rate that our white students are. 
  • Provide relational tools for deeper impact
    • Cultural Intelligence (CI)/Competency Training: Cultural Intelligence can be understood as “the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures.” It is an inner journey, never ending and always moving toward others in love. This training includes but is not limited to, justice awareness/training in the areas of race, gender and class.
    • Asset-Based Community Development: As you grow in your One + One partner relationships with students and your partner school, we believe God opens avenues for systemic change through our partnered gifts. 
    • ‘Ministry With’ Theology: As missionaries joining in the ongoing mission of God, we enter into relationships with schools and children with a humble heart and a posture of listening and learning. As guests in their school sanctuary, we come to serve and be served. In a relationship of mutuality, ‘ministry with’ reminds us as volunteers, that we have gifts and influence to give as do our partner schools and the children we serve.   
  • Provide advocacy training for equitable educational policy for every child through informed relationship.
    • One + One advocacy training includes: 1) discerning legislation to pray about and support as it relates to education, 2) practical steps for raising our voices in support of legislation shaped for the flourishing of all students and 3) cohort support for educational advocacy champions.

Church/School Partnership Handbook


For more information about how the CMO can help your local church make disciples through a church-school partnership, email Rev. Andy Lewis.