Beginning in 2013, we began an intentional effort to walk alongside two North Texas communities that have historically struggled with poverty.  We had two goals:

  1. Do deep in community development work with our neighbors in South Dallas Fair Park (zip code 75215) and Clarksville - Red River County (zip code 75426) to recreate vibrant, thriving communities.
  2. Collect and extrovert the best learnings from these relationships to catalyze efforts of local churches around North Texas.

The Zip Code Connection has undergone significant changes and development since its inception in 2013. We changed the name — “connection” rather than “project.”  We have a re-framed mission — “creating vibrant and thriving communities” rather than “eradicating poverty.” And we are focusing on transformation of the lives of our neighbors in these communities by connecting with them, by building connections among our churches to work with our neighbors during the transformation, and by connecting and coordinating resources already at work in these communities so they can collaborate and expand their impact. 

ZCC Learnings