Remember your Annual Report must be completed before your Charge Conference. Instructions and Form can be found by here.



Upcoming classes include a Basic Course and, hopefully a Polity class, both at Wesley Memorial UMC in Wichita Falls, November date TBD.

For information and to register for classes, email , District Director of LSM


Ongoing Ministries

The worship ministry conducted at Wesley Village in Denison, Texas, occurs every Sunday from 11 a.m. to noon. Every first Sunday communion is offered before the noon meal. For information to assist or visit on one a Sunday, please contact Olen Evans at 903-965-4351.


Pastors need help?

Pastors in the Northwest District, if you need someone to fill the pulpit for a Sunday morning, email  or call at 940-872-3449 (home)/214-908-9305 (cell).


Magnetic badges

A form for ordering a magnetic LSM name badge can now be found here.


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