District Happenings

  • Both our District Superintendent, Dr. Ron Henderson, and our District Administrative Assistant, Carol Blazewicz, have retired. I hope you got a chance to say thank you! Dr. Henderson will be serving our conference in a new role, Director of Racial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  
  • If you get a chance, please welcome our new District Superintendent, Rev. Debra Hobbs-Mason, and our new District Administrative Assistant, Martha Holcomb.
  • Both our District Conference and our Annual Conference were held virtually again this year. We received some great reports, wonderful music, celebrated those retiring and got a chance to debate some new legislation. If you want more information about these, please email Lay Leader Kenneth Wolverton.
  • You are invited to a zoom call 10 a.m. Saturday, July 17 to provide the opportunity for us as lay leaders to share ideas and to ask questions. Please join Kenneth Wolverton on the call.  Zoom link
  • Mark you calendars for Laity Day on Aug. 14

Courses Offered



Learn About District LSM Director Darrell Ortiz 

Learn About District Lay Leader Kenneth Wolverton