Greetings. He is Risen, Indeed! I hope you enjoyed your Easter services and the week to reflect on the power of Jesus’ resurrection. As a musician playing in several services, I had the blessing of being surrounded by many melodies and harmonies. The choral and instrumental, artistic expression created an amazing ambience to experience God’s love. Of course, the favorite for a trumpet player is from Handel’s Messiah, the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

The scripture tells us that God called David to be anointed and filled with the spirit of the Lord. David had a specific purpose to serve. As we worshipped on Sunday, we were renewed by the love of our Messiah, the Anointed One, to reconcile us back to God.

Through His ministry and resurrection, Jesus taught us how to serve. As promised in the gospels, He gave us the Holy Spirit so that we might be filled with anointed oil to answer God’s call. This week’s lectionary text encourages us that just as Jesus was sent, He calls us to be filled with the Spirit and sends us. (John 20: 21-22 NRSV)

The North Central District invites you to attend our training classes later this month so that you may continue to be filled in the Holy Spirit and serve as He leads. The course details are below. If you did not receive the Spring Training 2018 email, please let us know. You may email [email protected] further questions or comments.

Thank you for all you do!

In Christ,

North Central District Director of LSM
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