LSM and CLM Annual Report Instructions

NEW FOR 2024: Please read all the instructions then click the appropriate link at the bottom for your specific form.

  1. This report must be submitted annually to your home church Charge Conference in order to maintain your Lay Servant, Lay Speaker or Certified Lay Minister status status. Check with your Pastor to find out the date for this year’s Charge Conference and the deadline for submitting your report to the Pastor.
  2. Those who have achieved the designation of Lay Speaker (rules from General Conference 2012 and procedures from the NTC Committee on Lay Servant Ministries) will still have to complete this form each year to maintain their status as both a Lay Servant and a Lay Speaker.
  3. The Lay Servant is responsible for keeping his/her own records of activities and course participation (certificates).
  4. At least once in every three years, Certified Lay Servants must complete an Advanced LSM course in order to maintain their Lay Servant status. If you are listing on your report form under Section II, a course that you have taken OUTSIDE your home District, please put the date and location of that course next to the title.
  5. Be thorough; include all of your church and community activities. This information is used to improve our program and to demonstrate the value of Lay Servant Ministries to other laity and the clergy.
  6. You do not submit this report to the Conference Office. Complete the fillable PDF and print 2 copies, one for your records and one to sign and submit to your home church for Charge Conference. 

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