423 – Mission

Dates Instructor Contact Info
Winter 2022: Dec. 17, Jan. 28, Feb. 25 Rev. Brian McPherson Email: [email protected]

This course introduces the theology and scope of mission, and the pastor’s role in leading congregations in their mission as agents of God’s transforming redemption. This course will explore what it means for modern Christian congregations to be engaged in Christian mission that is scripturally based, ecumenically responsible, and creatively integrated into resources and strategies of the United Methodist church as a whole.

Course Objectives

  1. Articulate a biblical and theological framework for Christian mission.
  2. Explain the Wesleyan relationship of personal piety and social holiness.
  3. Examine and reflect on unjust social realities and natural tragedies and the response of the church locally and globally.
  4. Analyze their ministry context and develop strategies for transforming mission.

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