For Part-Time Local Pastors

Perkins logoThe Course of Study School offered by the North Texas Conference is an extension of the Perkins School of Theology Course of Study at Southern Methodist University. These NTC courses are for part-time local pastors of the United Methodist Church. The courses are also available at Perkins.



Full-Time Local Pastors, with unusual circumstances, yet desiring to attend the Extension COSS must first seek the approval of their District Superintendent and District Committee on Ministry, who will forward the request to the Local Pastor Registrar for consideration. The Registrar will then send the “Exception” request to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Division of Ministry in Nashville, which makes the final decision.

Minimum Requirements

Part-Time Local Pastors are required to take a minimum of two courses each year until all 20 courses have been completed. Ten courses are being offered this year through the North Texas Conference Extension School.


The cost is $200 per course for North Texas Conference students and $300 per course for students from other conferences. Advance payment of the fee before the class begins is preferred, and no later than the first class.


Rev. Dyan Dietz
Director of Local Pastor Education 

Mariel Vela
Ministerial Services Administrator 
phone: 972-526-5107


Please complete the online registration form indicating the courses for which you wish to register. Specific course information is available by contacting the instructor(s).

Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you following the receipt of your registration. You will also receive a confirmation email when your registration is approved by your District Superintendent and by your Local Pastor Registrar.

All payments must be by Debit or Credit card.   

All Full-time Local Pastors registering for an Extension course must have the following additional approvals of Director of Regional School, Director of the Extension School and Associate General Secretary of GBHEM. These approvals are built into the registration system and students will be notified at each level. Be prepared to provide reason for needing to take a course through the Extension School.