Your Call to Ministry

The next steps will help you to decide how you want to answer God’s call.

Step 2

  • Write your statement of call and prepare to be interviewed in light of Wesley’s historic questions, as found in paragraph 310.1d of the 2016 Book of Discipline (page 230).
  • Request an interview with the Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee of your local church. Submit your written call statement to the committee.

Step 3

  • Schedule a meeting with your District Superintendent. You can find the contact information here:

East District  Metro District  North Central District  Northwest District

Step 4

  • While at the District Office, request to be entered into the United Methodist Candidate and Record Entry System (UMCARES). A $75 fee will be required.
  • While at the District Office, request permission to attend the next Candidacy Summit. Registration is through the Pathways to Ministry software.

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