The church’s need for individuals who can serve to the best of their ability makes certification by The United Methodist Church increasingly important.

Three Tracks for Certification in The United Methodist Church:

Professional Undergraduate Paraprofessional


Each track is available in 12 areas of specialized ministry:

Camp/Retreat Ministry Evangelism Ministry with Older Adults
Children’s Ministry Ministry with the Poor Spiritual Formation
Christian Education Ministry with People with Disailities Urban Ministry
Collegiate Ministry Music Ministry Youth Ministry


Professional Certification

Professional certification is the United Methodist Church’s recognition that an individual has been called, made a commitment to serve and has fulfilled the required standards for academic training, experience and continuing study to serve with excellence in an area of specialized ministry. 

Professional certification is available to lay persons, ordained deacons and elders, diaconal ministers and local pastors who have an undergraduate degree and take certification courses at graduate level credit and meet the GBHEM’s requirements.


Undergraduate Certification

Undergraduate certification is available by taking an undergraduate degree at one of the United Methodist-related colleges whose programs have been approved by GBHEM and then completing two years employment in the area of specialized ministry.


Paraprofessional Certification

Paraprofessional certification is available to persons who may not have an undergraduate degree and are working in areas of specialized ministry. Not all paraprofessional certification courses carry academic credit. This certification is designed for those seeking training in a specialized ministry as a worker or volunteer.


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