All persons wishing to be eligible to receive an initial appointment as a Local Pastor must be recommended by their District Committee on Ordained Ministry. The candidate must be prepared to speak openly, honestly and effectively with regard to his or her readiness for ministry. In order to assist the candidate in preparation for this interview and to provide a beginning point of conversation, each candidate is required to submit written answers to the following questions.

This written work must be submitted via email to the DCOM Registrar no less than 10 days before the scheduled interview. Responses to the questions should be thorough, but should not exceed one page for each question. Spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are important. Quotes should be limited and plagiarism avoided.

  1. Describe your call to ministry and how this call has led you to seek to be a local pastor in the North Texas Conference.
  2. Explain your understanding of the itinerant system and your willingness to accept this system in your ministry.
  3. Discuss your understanding of the Sacraments and how you will administer the sacraments in your appointment.
  4. State your understanding of the service of a local pastor in ministry.
  5. The following historical questions are taken from the 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, Paragraph 310.1d, page 230:
  • Do you know God as a pardoning God? Have you the love of God abiding in you? Do you desire nothing but God? Are you holy in all manner of conversation?
  • Have you gifts, as well as evidence of God’s grace, for the work of ministry? Have you a clear, sound understanding; a right judgment in the things of God; a just conception of salvation by faith? Do you speak justly, readily, clearly?
  • Have you fruit? Have you been truly convinced of sin and converted to God and are you a believer edified by your service?

In addition to these questions, the District Committee on Ministry may ask for further written responses as warranted by the interview process. Each candidate is expected to ask for a list of these questions from the registrar of his/her District Committee on Ministry in a timely manner and submit them prior to the interview.