221 – Bible II: From Exodus to Exile

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Winter 2022: Dec. 3, Jan 7, Feb. 4 Rev. Roy L. Spore email: [email protected]

This course examines the life of the people of Israel from the time of the Exodus until the Exile. The focus is on the Biblical witness and how the people came to understand their history as divinely guided and what that meant for their relationship with God. While it is necessary to understand the historical development of the period, emphasis will be placed upon the Biblical texts that are representative of the life of the people and how those texts inform our lives of Christian faithfulness and our understanding of God.

Specific objectives, as defined by the Course of Study School, include the ability to:

  1. Articulate a historical overview of the experience and faith of ancient Israel
  2. Exegete certain passages that illustrate crucial turning points in the history of Israel
  3. Apply exegesis to preaching, other pastoral responsibilities and issues of the present day

To accomplish these objectives, class participants will be expected to complete the following assignments outside of class:

  1. Out-of-class work that presents an overview of this section of the Old Testament
  2. Exegesis of given passages from the reading
  3. A Bible study that evidences the ability to do exegesis on a specific text and apply that exegesis in a manner that is appropriate to the local pastor’s congregation or setting

Syllabus and assignments

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