New Faces New Spaces

Lakewood UMC's Messy Church (left to right), Christ Foundry's FestiKids and First UMC Archer City's Grub & Grace are examples of programs that received New Faces New Spaces microgrants.

Values of New Faces New Spaces

  • Deep-Listening: Is conceived by Deep Listening from neighbor learning conversations and data from the neighborhood, communities or individuals it aims to reach. 
  • Community-Building: Builds a community by reaching out to those who haven't been involved in your existing church community before and by creating a sense of belonging and a shared support system.
  • Experimenting: Meets regularly with a clear start and pause date, in a spirit of experimentation, reflection, and learning.
  • Discipleship in Mind: Has a Discipleship pathway in mind, intentionally opening the door to help people grow in their faith journeys.

Are you exploring creating a new space to connect with new faces? Let's talk! Set up a time here with Rev. Danielle Buwon Kim to discuss your idea and how to develop it.



Microgrant Training and Application


What has Worked in Dallas