On a mountain top in Galilee, the risen Christ commanded the 11 disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and forming them in the Way of Christ.

Today, we have been given this same Great Commission, and all across the North Texas Conference clergy and laity are embracing the challenge to go, gather new faces in new spaces and grow these new faces in discipleship.

It can be:

  • a small group that meets in a local coffee shop.
  • a cycling group, facilitated by a pair of faithful disciples who invite fellow cycling enthusiasts to share in their love for riding and, along the way, their devotion to Christ
  • a Wednesday night children's program, especially designed to meet the unique needs of children and families out in the community
  • a clothes closet, staffed by disciples who not only give away clothes but also open themselves up to being in relationship with clients so that the Spirit can move, heal, and transform
  • a new worshiping community in a storefront location
  • something large or small, out in the community or on church property
  • an expensive venture or it can require little or no financial investment
  • led by laity or clergy

New spaces take on many different shapes and forms; however, in every new space, new people come together with disciples and are formed in the Way of Christ.

In the coming year, we will cast our vision for gathering new faces in new spaces. We will hear inspiring stories of how this is already happening in a variety of ways across North Texas, and we will begin to learn how every church – without exception – can heed Jesus' Great Commission and plant something new.