Launch pie wedgeThe Launch stage is unique to the planting process because everything is new as the Planter and their team seek to give life to the vision. Like any seed that starts to grow after being put in the ground, it must be tended to and cultivated in order to flourish. During the Launch stage the North Texas Conference supports Planters through what we call a Support Star.

The Support Star equips and supports the Planter for sustained success. The center of the star is the planter and the five points consist of the Supervisor, Developer, Project Coach, Planter’s Coach and Intercessor.
support star

Three points of the star (Supervisor, Developer and Project Coach) will be in communication with one another throughout the project. The Support Star members commit to a quarterly conference call with the Planter to celebrate achievements, discuss challenges, set objectives and offer support.

  • Supervisor: Everybody has a boss. Often the Supervisor is the District Superintendent. Other times, the Supervisor is the senior pastor or executive pastor of a church. When the Supervisor is not the District Superintendent, the DS will be invited to the quarterly conference call. The Supervisor is expected to be available to the Developer during the project.
  • Developer: The Developer is responsible for working with the Planter in establishing and maintaining the Support Star. The Developer will coordinate and chair the quarterly conference call. The Developer will generally be one of the staff members of the Center for Church Development: Owen Ross, S. Dianna Masters, Matt Temple or Liliana Rangel. The Developer is expected to be available to all members of the Support Star.
  • Project Coach: The Project Coach coaches the project and not just the Planter. Primary fidelity is to the project. The Planter selects and/or replaces the Project Coach in consultation with the Developer. The Project Coach offers content-rich coaching, bringing and sharing her or his expertise. The Project Coach is available to the Developer to respond to questions and offer expertise about the project.

The other two points of the Support Star exclusively support the Planter. These relationships are strictly confidential, and persons on these two points can be chosen or dismissed by the Planter at any time.

  • Planter’s Coach: Should be trained by International Coaching Federation approved training. The Planter’s Coach is expected to offer little content and/or advice to the Planter without being invited to do so by the Planter. Whereas the Project Coach is seen as an expert in his field, an ICF trained coach will always see the Planter as the expert. This relationship is strictly confidential. The only report that the Developer receives is the number of coaching sessions. The Planter selects and/or replaces the Planter’s Coach in consultation with the NTC Director for the Center of Leadership Development.
  • Intercessor: This person will pray daily for the Planter, send the Planter a weekly text of support and seek to pray in person with the Planter once a quarter with an invitation to coffee or lunch. This relationship is strictly confidential. The Planter may recruit her or his own Intercessor or select one from a list of retired clergy provided by the Developer. The only report that the Developer receives is the number of meetings from the Intercessor.

Each Planter in the Launch stage is encouraged to continue participating in the Genesis retreats as coaches. They will help organize the retreats as well as serve as discussion leaders. This allows for an ecosystem to begin developing for the Planters in the Annual Conference as they are able to share what they are learning and cultivate relationships with others going through a similar process.