Genesis pie wedge

Genesis is a 9-month journey broken up into three rhythms with the purpose of developing the leadership skills necessary for starting new things from launching new initiatives in an established Church that are focused on reaching new people to starting a new worshiping community from scratch.  

The cohort is a creative learning environment that seeks to give you flexibility to engage the learning in ways that are meaningful to you and fit within the reality of your schedule as well as give you opportunities to connect and collaborate with others who are seeking to innovate.  Within the Genesis experience you are in control of your learning so you will decide the ways in which you want to participate. There will be webinar, learning projects, suggested reading, training days, and retreats. In the first month of the cohort you will have the opportunity to a learning assessment to discover the ways you learn best and from there you will come up with a customized learning plan for how you hope to participate over the course of the cohort.