North Texas Conference church planting transcends cultures of fear and instability by developing new faith communities to bring about a culture of innovation, generosity generous community and hope for the church and world. 

In the Center for Church Development (CCD) we believe that it is churches that plant churches. We want to partner with every church in the NTC and provide support to see the majority of churches transforming communities through planting. We also seek to work with planters in identifying regions and people that are underserved by the local church in order to start churches that can impact those communities.

Planting is any endeavor that seeks to engage a neighborhood in discipleship and gospel renewal through the creation of new and/or innovative missional strategies and a discipling faith community. In short, the CCD will endeavor to create a discipleship movement by supporting churches in developing new spaces for new faces.

Stages of Development

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The entire process will last at least 5 years, and that is not counting the Dream stage. The Dream stage  can last months or years depending on individual circumstances.

The Genesis stage is a 12-month program designed to equip Planters and provide the space and direction for the development and execution of their church planting strategy. The CCD is committed to aiding each planter for five years starting with the Genesis stage.

The Launch stage also lasts 12 months. The Nurture stage can last 24 to 36 months.