NTC delegates

The North Texas Conference delegation, elected at the 2019 Annual Conference, pose with Bishop Ruben Saenz during the 2023 Annual Conference.


Elected Delegates

General Conference: April 23-May 3, 2024 in Charlotte, NC
Clergy Lay
Clayton Oliphint Kelly Carpenter
Stan Copeland Kenneth Wolverton
Cammy Gaston Shandon Klein
Maria Dixon Hall Jessica Vittorio
Jurisdictional Conference: 2024
Rachel Griffin Tim Crouch
Ron Henderson Kathleen Pryor
Ricky Harrison Collin Johansson
Rob Spencer

Linda Parks

Edlen Cowley

Sally Vonner

Edgar Bazan-Garza

Laura Hudec

Jenna Jonson  
Andy Stoker  

Keri Lynn Lucas (elected Lay, now Clergy)