NTC delegates

The North Texas Conference delegation, elected at the 2019 Annual Conference, pose with Bishop Ruben Saenz during the 2023 Annual Conference.


Elected Delegates

General Conference: April 23-May 3, 2024 in Charlotte, NC
Clergy Lay
Clayton Oliphint Kelly Carpenter
Stan Copeland Kenneth Wolverton
Cammy Gaston Shandon Klein
Maria Dixon Hall Jessica Vittorio
Jurisdictional Conference: July 10-12, 2024 in Rogers, Ark.
Rachel Griffin Tim Crouch
Ron Henderson Kathleen Pryor
Ricky Harrison Collin Johansson
Rob Spencer

Linda Parks

Edlen Cowley

Sally Vonner

Edgar Bazan-Garza

Laura Hudec

Jenna Johnson  
Andy Stoker  


Committee Assignments

Committee GC JC/Alt.
1. Church and Society 1   Collin Johansson
2. Church and Society 2 Shandon Klein  
3 Church and Society 3   Laura Hudec

4. Conferences

Stan Copeland Tim Crouch
5. Discipleship   Jenna Johnson
6. Faith and Order Kelly Carpenter Ricky Harrison
7. Financial Administration Clayton Oliphint Edlen Cowley
8 General Administration Kenneth Wolverton Rachel Griffin
9. Global Ministries   Kathleen Pryor
10. Higher Ed and Superintendency Maria Dixon Hall Andy Stoker
11. Independent Commissions   Sally Vonner
12. Judicial Administration Jessica Vittorio Edgar Bazan-Garcia
13. Local Church Ministry   Ron Henderson
14. Ordained Ministry Cammy Gaston Linda Parks/Jenna Johnson
*Floater   Rob Spencer