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Charles L. Aaron, Jr

Associate Director of Intern Program at SMU's Perkins

Laura Benson


Cathy Bingman


Susan Bryan

Visiting Nurse Association Hospice

(800) 225-5862

Darrell Coats

Jennifer Griffith Cobb

Hospital Sister Health System, Springfield, Ill.

Jay Cole, III

Executive Director at Crossroads Community Services

(214) 560-2511

Janet Collinsworth

Agape Resource & Assistance Center

(469) 814-0453

Megan Danner

Director of Spiritual & Religious Life and Chaplain at Southwestern University

(512) 863-1056

Veronica G. Davidson

Genesis Two

Eva Englert-Jessen

Program Coordinator at Hendrix College

Erika Fadel

Director Career Services at SMU School of Law

(214) 768-2850

Jonathan Grace

Senior Pastor at Grace UMC Dallas

(214) 824-2533

C. David Grant

Department of Religion at Texas Christian University

(817) 257-7440

Joel Green

Fuller Theological Seminary

(800) 235-2222

Lisa Greenwood

Texas Methodist Foundation

(800) 933-5502

Maria Dixon Hall

Associate Professor of Organizational Communications at SMU

(214) 768-3393

Justin Hancock

Brian Hardesty-Crouch

Founder and President of Holy Moments

(940) 382-3813

Terrance Heislen


Leslie Herrscher

Chaplain at All Saints Medical Center

Marjorie Bishir Hill

Hinton Rural Live Center

(828) 389-8336

Johnny (JB) Jackson

Dallas/Indian United Methodist Church – OIMC Conference

(214) 331-8261

Larry James


(214) 823-8710

Shonda Jones

Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Services at Wake Forest University


Marcus Jones

Midwestern State University Wesley Foundation

(940) 202-0142

Ashleigh Joyner

Janette Kotey


(256) 428-9400

Sheri Hollingsworth Lake

VA Hospital

(800) 849-3597

Sarah Lancaster

Professor at Methodist Theological School in Ohio

(740) 363-1146

Mai Le


Elizabeth Lutz

Activity Director at Overture Flower Mound

(469) 256-6514

Alyce McKenzie

Professor at SMU's Perkins School of Theology

(214) 768-2111

Thomas R. McKnight


Mary Miriti

Senior Pastor at Oasis Global Fellowship Mission Church

(214) 791-5146

Carol Montgomery

Texas Methodist Foundation

(800) 933-5502

Monty Moore

Connie Nelson

Executive Director of Public Affairs & Alumni/ae Relations at SMU's Perkins School of Theology

(214) 768-2335

Christopher O’Riley

Chaplain to the Navy

Ugonna Onuoha

Staff Chaplain at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

(844) 424-4537