Want to expand your knowledge about the United Methodist Church? Are you in a leadership position in your church? Want to network with like minded individuals? Need resources for Christian Education? Desire to grow spiritually?

Opportunities abound within the United Methodist Church, its agencies and affiliates:

Disciple Course of Study

The Disciple Bible Study program is designed to develop strong local churches through the in-depth study of Scripture. Through Disciple , persons are strengthened in their faith and guided into service and ministry. Strong, biblically nourished leadership will help your church grow in vitality and Christian discipleship. 

  • Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study: A 34-week study that moves through the biblical story from Creation to the New Jerusalem. There is a Youth version of this study, which is written on a more appropriate level for high school youth. 
  • Into the Word Into the World: A 32-week study of Genesis-Exodus and Luke-Acts. This study emphasizes the rhythm of coming to God and going for God, of being in the Word and in the world individually and corporately.
  • Remember Who You Are: A 32-week study of The Prophets and The Letters of Paul. It calls clergy and laity to disciplined Bible study that will result in a ministering community nourished by Scripture.
  • Under the Tree of Life: A 32-week study of Old Testament Writings and the Gospel of John; 1,2,3 John; James; Jude and Revelation in the New Testament. It continues to call clergy and laity to serious, disciplined Bible study.

For more information about this series, visit the Cokesbury Disciple website.


Laity Studies at SMU-Perkins

At Perkins School of Theology, the gifts and fruits of theological study and teaching are available not only to those enrolled in its regular courses, but also to others throughout the church and wider community.

For more information about laity studies, visit the Perkins School of Theology website.


Professional Association of UMC Secretaries

For more information, visit the PAUMCS website.