NTC And Project Unity Partner For Together We Dine Events

Together We Dine

Said Rev. Lewis: “This partnership underscores the North Texas Conference’s commitment to dismantling racism and honoring the sacred worth of all people." 

On June 6, more than 500 Annual Conference attendees gathered for a special Together We Dine lunch, hosted in partnership with Project Unity. The dine – Project Unity’s largest to-date – brought together clergy and laity of differing ages, races and life experiences to engage in safe, courageous conversation about race relations in North Texas.

“At Together We Dine, we like to meet people where they are,” said Charlene Edwards, Project Unity’s director of programs. “It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the conversation on race, or consider yourself at the peak of knowledge, what we bring to the table is flexible enough to draw you in and help you wherever you are, ultimately as we journey toward becoming more sympathetic and empathetic people.”

At the Annual Conference Dine, participants followed Project Unity’s trusted format, answering meaningful questions about their own experiences with racial justice and racism. Trained facilitators guided the process, ensuring space for individuals to be heard, as well as the opportunity for participants to converse and learn from one another.

“We establish at the start that we’re all here to talk and have real conversation,” said Terry Allen, a facilitator with Project Unity. “We’re here to exchange values and exchange thoughts and in the end, we’re all going to be better off than we were before.”

Following the event, Project Unity and the NTC Center for Missional Outreach shared ways participants can keep the conversation going – whether by joining Project Unity’s conversation-based “Unity Challenge,” sharing a story for the organization’s “In Their Shoes” series or by hosting a Together We Dine event at their church.

At Annual Conference 2022, Rev. Andy Lewis, Director of the Center for Missional Outreach and assistant to the Bishop, announced a new partnership between Project Unity and the CMO.

“We know that working in partnership with Project Unity, will enable us to transform hearts and minds across North Texas, as well create a springboard for further faithful work to combat racism,” Rev. Lewis said. “This partnership underscores the North Texas Conference’s commitment to dismantling racism and honoring the sacred worth of all people. We look forward to leveraging Project Unity’s deep expertise and model for candid and respectful conversation about race as we bring this work to even more of our congregations.”

Individuals interested in hosting a future Together We Dine event should email Rev. Lewis. For addition details and resources, click here.

Published: Tuesday, July 5, 2022