White Rock UMC Thrives Under Pastor’s Innovative Leadership

Rev. Mitchell Boone

Rev. Mitchell Boone recognized with Denman Award for Evangelism after church’s professions of faith increase 250% in one year

When we look for innovative evangelism in the North Texas Conference, we often point to the creative ministry of Rev. Mitchell Boone at White Rock UMC in Dallas.

Rev. Boone was appointed to his current church in 2012 as an Associate Pastor and then became the Senior Pastor a few years later, inheriting a church that was on the edge of closing. Rev. Boone, who is a master collaborator, often points to the team he recruited and nurtured to help turn the church around. He highlights their original community connector, Neil Moseley, the soulful worship leadership of Rebecca Garrett Pace, the creative Victoria Esparza and their partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation.

Under Rev. Boone’s leadership, the church has become a daily hub of activity – which includes a children’s day school program, dance studio, art studio, a leased commercial kitchen and a co-working space for neighborhood businesses. Rev. Boone saw life-giving possibilities in the use of the former fellowship hall otherwise known as a storage center for old things. He saw the possibilities of using the grounds for a community garden and building relationships with the neighborhood. He hoped all of this would eventually connect people to the grace of God.

After eight years of investment, White Rock UMC has begun reaping the harvest of authentic and loving grace-filled relationships. They entered the neighborhood, created community and began to feed souls by investing in the creativity of their neighbors. At base, Rev. Boone, values the people God created. He collaborates with the laity in his congregation and invites their ideas and brings them new ideas for their consideration. He believes that God renews everyone and everything. This faithful spirit has spread into the neighborhood, where hungry souls now trust the church. Church worship attendance, membership and professions of faith have been on a steady increase.

In 2019, White Rock UMC had a 250% increase of professions of faith over the previous year. Young families, singles and empty nesters have come together to worship on Sunday mornings. The cavernous sanctuary feels alive again and the people of the church have a belief that faith and the grace of God are known through their witness in the community.

Rev. Boone also oversees the ministry of a neighborhood church in the Owenwood Community by collaborating and building a vision with a new minister, Rev. Josh Esparza. As they continue their community development work, they hope to see a new expression of church built once again on authentic relationship.


Published: Wednesday, October 28, 2020