Want to Learn More About All Things Wesley?

Join the North Texas Conference in Oct. 2019 on a trip exploring Methodist history

One important aspect of being United Methodist is our connection to the historical roots of our Church.

Bishop Michael McKee invites you to join a Wesley Heritage tour Oct. 1-9, 2019, where together we can experience many of the unique places in the lives of John and Charles Wesley. Doing so will help us have a clearer understanding of the foundational elements established by the Wesleys nearly 300 years ago.

There are opportunities for pastors and others to travel for free if you are able to recruit fellow travelers. This makes the trip a possibility for many to travel who otherwise would not have the financial resources to do so. If you are interested in recruiting persons to cover the cost of your trip or to allow your pastor to visit Wesley sites where our story unfolded, please email Rev. Linda Roby.

We look forward to traveling with many of you on this journey.


Published: Wednesday, November 28, 2018