The Way Back Offers Reentry Path To Incarcerated Individuals

The Way BackProgram includes reentry planning, survival needs, referral network and case management 

Incarceration shouldn't define a life — but a second chance can.

Navigating a successful reentry path from the criminal justice system is very difficult to do alone. The Way Back (TWB) exists to provide unparalleled, transformative reentry support to formerly incarcerated individuals, helping them go from crisis to thriving. As a catalyst of change, The Way Back is empowering individuals, restoring families and creating safer communities.

TWB has based its program selection on finding evidenced-based practices that, taken together, offer the greatest probability of the life-changing, holistic re-entry success it now seeks for its clients. High-impact services that can help individuals make a seamless transition include reentry planning and preparation, immediate “survival needs” of food and clothing upon release, a strong referral network to community partners offering specialized services and case management that unites personal coaching with quantitative outcome management.

Today, the organization focuses its services in three areas:

  • Faith-based in-prison programs that offer participants a means to transform their perceptions and values at a deeply personal level. As participants engage, TWB encourages positive changes in behaviors and thought processes that lead to successful reintegration to society.
  • Reentry and reintegration made possible through a TWB-provided support system, resources and services needed to move individuals from crisis to thriving.
  • Women’s reentry program providing support for women who have experienced substance abuse and are returning to community from incarceration. TWB staff works in tandem with Dallas County court counselors to provide accountability, case management and support that fosters successful completion of community supervision, abstinence from substance use, family reunification and self-sufficiency.

Since 2019, TWB provided reentry case management and support for more than 223 individuals and has achieved a 6% recidivism rate among those they serve – 94% of program participants will not commit new crimes resulting in reincarceration.

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Published: Friday, September 30, 2022