Sherman ISD Benefits From Friendship UMC’s “Undie Sunday”

Church members hold up their donations

Church members, friends collect more than 1,150 pairs of underwear, socks and T-shirts for students 

Friendship UMC might be a small church of 60 members – mainly people on fixed incomes -- but they are passionate about helping others. Members and friends of the church, located in Sherman, collected more than 1,150 pairs of underwear, socks and T-shirts for students in Sherman ISD who don’t have the basic clothing necessities we take for granted.

On Aug. 11, which the church dubbed “Undie Sunday,” Friendship UMC pastor Dr. Roy Spore led the congregation in a “laying on of hands” moment to bless the items as well as to offer God’s blessings on the children who would receive them and on all of the students, teachers, counselors and administrators of the district.

Sherman ISD superintendent Dr. David Hicks thanked the church for its generosity.

“Your kindness will bless hundreds of children and families and make a tremendous impact on our community,” Dr. Hicks said.

Dr. Spore said he hopes to make this an annual event for the church.

“This event is the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Sherman ISD as the church reaches out to children in need,” Dr. Spore said. “In the words of Mother Teresa, ‘we cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.’ When we do things in love, those actions become great.”

More donations

Left to right: Dr. David Hicks, Sherman ISD superintendent; Monroe Spore; Tim Millerick, Sherman ISD school board president; Dr. Roy Spore, Friendship UMC pastor; Julie Kerr, Sherman ISD director of Partners in Education; Karen Spore, coordinator of Friendship “Undie Sunday”

Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Wonderful idea!
God bless the givers and those who receive.
Added by Anonymous

I'm glad to see Friendship UMC appear on my email and the wonderful project you've taken on. Rev. Roy
Spore and Karen look great in this photo. Many of us have learned of the many, many families living below the poverty line in Grayson County. And it is is the little things, that you've chosen, that most people don't think about. You have a great pastor! May God bless you. Mary Middleton, Waples UMC
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Keep it up and be open to the move of the Holy Spirit to reach other needs and show God's Goodness.
Added by Allene

Proud of a church that gives material blessings with the spiritual message!!! We are doers of the word and not hearers only!!!!
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