Offering Aid In Texas Panhandle Wildfire Recovery

Panhandle Fire 2024

Photo courtesy of City of Borger/Hutchinson County OEM

Donations being accepted; Hands-on support not needed yet as areas are unsafe

The wildfires raging in the Texas Panhandle have caused widespread damage to homes, farms and livestock. Since news of the fires broke, Rev. Jeremy Basset, the North Texas Conference's disaster response coordinator, has been in regular communication with Northwest Texas Conference leaders to understand how the NTC can best deliver support.

Today, the state Department of Emergency Management and Panhandle volunteer organizations are pouring their resources into containing the blaze, and the appropriate agencies are handling the rescue and stabilization efforts. There is not a current need for volunteers, and those wishing to provide hands-on support are asked to await instructions to deploy only when it is safe and accommodations allow.

For now, please continue to pray for all those working so hard to bring this situation under control and for those affected by the disaster. Initial reports estimate 500 buildings have been destroyed, with many others damaged or affected.

The best way United Methodists can offer support and action today is by donating through the UMCOR website.

The NTC disaster response staff will continue to work closely with Northwest Texas Conference leadership and participate in daily calls with state and volunteer agencies. Basset, along with NWTC staff, will be conducting site visits next week, which will provide greater clarity as to specific needs and possible deployment of North Texas ERTs.

Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2024