Money Available For Ministries That Foster Peace, Extend Justice In Its Community

Peace with Justice logoThanks to successful Peace with Justice Grant Fund Auction, the NTC Board of Church and Society can offer grants up to $1,500

The North Texas Conference Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church offers grants to support ministry which fosters peace and extends justice in its community. We believe Christian discipleship is centered in the manifestation of the kingdom of God among us.

The total amount of grant money available varies according to the size of the offerings taken each year on Peace with Justice Sunday, one of the official denomination-wide Special Sundays. Additionally, a conference-wide auction at this year’s Annual Conference augmented our fund, replenishing what had been spent to address the burden our churches have borne over the past three years. We are pleased to announce that due to the success of our Peace with Justice Grant Fund Auction, we can once again offer grants up to $1,500.

Specifically, we will consider funding programs that meet several of the following objectives:

  • Connect with and extend grace to those on the margins of society.
  • Develops disciples who strive to actively advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion and magnify God’s presence in the world.
  • Equips the congregation(s) with peace with justice opportunities that will inspire advocacy and engagement.
  • Strengthens congregational awareness of and engagement with justice initiatives in the larger community.
  • Involves a congregation(s) in efforts to end conflicts and violent aggression at home, in schools and in social interactions.
  • Promotes just local, state, national and international policies and actions (governmental and non-governmental) which seek to restore communities and respond to the disproportionate effect of injustices on racial and ethnic minority groups.
  • Supports policies that promote systematic economic justice and the self-development of people.

Any group related to the Annual Conference may submit an application, including local churches, districts, agencies of the conference, two or more such groups in cooperation and non-profit agencies that are in partnership with a United Methodist church.

Please email Rev. James Minor with any questions about the grant program and application. For more information on Peace with Justice Sunday and the work of the General Board of Church and Society’s Peace with Justice Program, visit

Published: Thursday, August 18, 2022