Highlighting COVID-19 Responses Series: Union Dallas

Union Dallas realized that its main constituency, younger adults with less vulnerability* to COVID-19, could assist with volunteer needs around Dallas.  Union is known for its ability to innovate and lead on important issues affecting Dallas. And while the coffee shop is now restricted to to-go orders, Union’s far-reaching community is being mobilized to help respond to needs throughout Dallas. 

Through disseminating a Google Form sign-up that is managed by a rotating set of volunteer managers, Union is helping those who feel powerless in the face of the pandemic envision ways to help. Union’s volunteer sign-up includes this introduction, “If you are able-bodied, in a low-risk group for developing complications, have minimal contact with high-risk populations and want to help others, we want to know who you are. Union is connecting with local agencies and individuals to identify organizational and personal needs in this time.” 

Safe volunteer roles that Union has developed include:

  • Prepare meals for delivery to home-bound clients
  • Livestream hosting events (requires skills with social media as well as engaging participants)
  • Delivering meal boxes to people who can use a little relief
  • Podcasting (technical skills and/or equipment)
  • Host something online for people (D&D game, Watch party, discussion group, prayer group)
  • User experience work to help Union make its patio more user-friendly in the pandemic
  • Donate blood
  • I have excess food from a restaurant or business to donate
  • Assist with local homeless shelter and program needs
  • Providing childcare
  • Hospitality
  • Calling people who find isolation difficult
  • Running errands for folks in isolation

If you would like more information on Union’s response efforts or how you can help, find @uniondallas on social media or email Rev. Mike Baughman.

*All ages can contract COVID-19 and become carriers. And all ages are susceptible to the sometimes-deadly effects of the virus. Click here for more information.

Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2020