Diverse Group of Clergy, Laity Rally for Botham Jean

Botham Jean rally

A diverse group of more than 75 clergy from the North Texas Conference gathered with a large group of laity on Sept. 19 for “United Methodists of All Colors Walk for Justice.” 


Speakers at rally

The rally, organized by Rev. Edlen Cowley and the North Texas Conference African-American Clergy Fellowship, convened at the Dallas Police Department headquarters and ended with a walk to the South Side Flats apartment complex where 26-year-old Botham Jean was shot and killed by Officer Amber Guyger.

“This is not about a rush to justice,” Rev. Cowley said. “This is about Lady Justice and wanting to see that justice happen.”

Rally pictures

Read remarks from speakers and watch videos of the event:

Edgar Bazan   Reagan Gilliland   Ouida Lee   Andy Lewis   Eliana Rios




More pics from rally

Published: Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Thank you North Texas Conference Clergy and others for holding this rally.
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Who said that Lady Justice would not be served? You rushed to the judgement that justice will not be served before the investigation was completed. Where is your prayer and support of the officer involved in this shooting (which by the sound of the 911 call did not know whom or what race of an individual she had shot). Walk in her shoes and she deserves the same prayerful support as the victims family, no matter the race. You are creating a race issue by your actions.
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