Christ’s Foundry Celebrates 15‑Year Anniversary

Amy Spaur and Owen Ross

Leadership baton passed for largest Hispanic/Latino congregation west of the Mississippi

Christ’s Foundry is a mission church that reaches the growing Hispanic population in Northwest Dallas. Founded by Rev. Owen Ross 15 years ago, today it is the largest Hispanic/Latino congregation west of the Mississippi and the second largest Spanish-language congregation in the United States. Ross and numerous members took to the stage to celebrate this milestone.

Ross is the newly positioned Center Director of New Church Development and Congregational Transformation. He passed the pastoral baton to Rev. Amy Spaur who is a product of Christ’s Foundry.

She told the NTC Connection: “I am very excited about what God is about to do at Christ’s Foundry. I have seen lives transformed, including my own.

“I was at Christ’s Foundry for eight years as a lay person, as a worker with the General Board of Global Ministries. I heard the call to ordained ministry there and was nurtured there,” she continued.

Now in 2017, Spaur has been ordained and assigned to Christ’s Foundry as the senior pastor.


Bishop plays with Neil Silva

The spotlight went to two-year-old Neil Silva, son of Leslie and Christian Silva. The toddler darted from the stage and into the arms of Bishop McKee as his mom told the Annual Conference how Christ’s Foundry helped her life.

Published: Tuesday, June 6, 2017