Bridging Between The Seasons

Will PetermanMidWinter offers youth leadership skills, summer-camp preview – all in one weekend

I’ve been going to Bridgeport for about six years now, and I can say without a doubt it is always the best part of my year.

Now when I think of Bridgeport, I think of summer camp and all the fun I have there. But MidWinter gives me the opportunity to get my Bridgeport experience in the middle of winter. MidWinter is an awesome and fun experience where I get to see old friends I may have met over the summer or it gives me a chance to make new friends and build new relationships.

To me, also the worship experiences at MidWinter can just be so much more impactful due to the fact that we know we are there for just a short amount of time and try to soak it all up. I also have the unique experience to lead a small group due to the fact that I am on [the Conference Council on Youth Ministries].

This gives me the awesome opportunity to see family groups from a whole other perspective. I get to see what happens behind the scenes and get to see how everybody in my group learns differently and get taught some new leadership skills. Overall, MidWinter is just a highly impactful weekend that has changed my life over the years and has made me a better person.

Will Peterman is a freshman at First UMC Plano and a member of the NTC’s Conference Council on Youth Ministries.

Bridgeport photograph by Jackson Dennie

Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2020