‘This Calling Is Our Wesleyan Heritage At Work’

Trey Oakley

Trey Oakley discusses his new role as president of Methodist Children’s Home

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) recently elected a new president, Trey Oakley, upon the retirement of Tim Brown. Oakley will begin in the new role on July 1.

MCH was established in 1890 in Waco. It is affiliated with six Annual Conferences, including North Texas, in Texas and New Mexico and serves more than 5,000 children and families annually. Services provided include residential programs on the Waco campus and MCH Boys Ranch, foster care, community programs and in-home services through 13 MCH Family Outreach offices.

Oakley recently shared with us his thoughts about his work and the future of MCH.

What attracted you to Methodist Children’s Home?

I often tell the story that it was love that brought me to Methodist Children’s Home. The love was not at that time for the rich history of MCH, the amazing people connected to this ministry or the appreciation for the generous friends who make it all possible. I have developed those over the years. No, what brought me to MCH was the fact that I needed a job so I could get married. I was attending Truett Seminary and saw an ad for a part-time librarian. Little did I know the decision to reply to that ad would change my life and the way I saw ministry. Twenty years later, I now have this honor of serving as president and witnessing story after story of God’s amazing grace through this ministry. All of this occurred because of a journey that started with a job ad in the paper. God is good.      

What do you love about MCH?

MCH is serving on the front lines to support children, youth and families in these difficult times. Thanks to our many supporters, we are able to stand up for and offer life-changing help to those who need us, regardless of their ability to pay for services. This calling is our Wesleyan heritage at work. Our benefactors’ gifts enable MCH to provide cutting-edge and evidence-based expertise to many who would never have access to that type of care. I love that about MCH. I also love the rich history at MCH. Our story is a shining example of what God’s people can do. We see a need and we give of ourselves to be part of what God wants to do in saving and changing lives. 

What are you excited about doing in your new position?

Connecting people to our life-changing work is what I am most excited about in this new role. I look forward to connecting more with our supporters, staff, those we serve and other like-minded ministries. In doing so, I am excited to see where MCH can do more to achieve our mission but also where we can collaborate and share our strategic insights with others. My hope is that this approach will give me a greater understanding of where God is leading MCH, as well as where our ministry can better assist local congregations as they encounter the challenges facing children, youth and families in their communities.    

How does your faith affect your role as president?

My faith reminds me that God will not let MCH or me down in this role because God wants great things for MCH and those we serve. Because of this, I can be strong, courageous and encourage others connected to our mission to do the same as we move forward. I do not know every detail of every place where we will go as a ministry in the coming days and years. However, I know God will be there when we arrive, and that is a great comfort to me as I enter into this new role as president.

Published: Wednesday, June 26, 2019