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Beatriz Pacheco

Methodist Medical Center

(214) 947-8181

Lydia Pellikan

Chaplain at Hospice of Wichita Falls

(940) 691-0982

James Clifton Pierce


JamesPaul Qazilbash

Chaplain at Our Children’s House

(214) 820-9887

Omega Lee S. Ramos

Deaconess with the FHS Groundwork Foundation, Philippines

Stephen Rankin

Caesar Rentie

Vice President of Pastoral Care, Methodist Health System

(214) 947-8181

Joerg Rieger

Distinguished Professor of Theology at Vanderbilt

(615) 322-7311

Kellie Sanford

Pastoral Care Chaplain at CC Young

(972) 755-1837

Jennifer Scott

Taylor Smith

Associate Pastor at Flower Mound UMC

Mark Stamm

Professor of Christian Worship at SMU's Perkins School of Theology

(214) 766-2138

K. Margie Steele


DonnaLea Sutton

Ardent Hospice

Lisa Test

VNA Hospice Chaplain

Blair Thompson-White

Texas Methodist Foundation

John D. Thornburg


Patricia Thresher

Chaplain at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas

(214) 345-6789

Terri Whitgrove

Director of Pastorial Care at United Regional Health Care System

(940) 764-7000

Harry S. Wright, Jr.

Associate Dean of the College, International Student Services at Morehouse College

(470) 639-0331

Joe Zinser


(972) 679-9134