Local Church Historian Training

Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Commission on Archives and History of the North Texas Annual Conference will hold a seven-week training on the nuts and bolts of the job of the local church historian. The free virtual training sessions are for one hour Thursday mornings.

These sessions are for anyone who is interested in preserving the history of their local church at any level of experience and covers the broad range of issues faced by historians. Each interactive session will solicit questions, share ideas and the forming of bonds between the ministers of memory of the North Texas Conference. Each session is independent and does not require knowledge from the previous session. The Commission recommends attending all sessions for a full knowledge of archiving but it is not necessary.

The topics for each of the seven sessions to be covered are:

  • What should be in your archival collection?
  • How do you properly store and use of the collection (including basic legal considerations)?
  • How do you create a system to understand your collection and access the information in it?
  • How do you gather and use memories through oral histories? 
  • How do you let the congregation know about its history through short articles? 
  • How do you let the congregation know about its history through a formal history book? 
  • And for fun:  How do quilts (yes, quilts) store memories from the life of the congregation?


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