Following last year’s Annual Conference, we heard you ask for a new way to address resolutions — one that would offer protected time for legislation, more information and a better use of our time together as a gathered body.

In an effort to meet those needs, we’re excited to introduce the Resolution Committee model we’ll use to review and discuss resolutions when we gather in June.

Each committee will include a convener and parliamentarian, the authors of the resolution(s) the committee is reviewing, and a mix of clergy and laity who represent a diversity of thought and voice. Together, they will discuss the resolution, making amendments and refinements as needed.

No. Authors will still bring their resolutions to the floor as they have in the past. After they introduce their resolution, the convener of the Resolution Committee that worked with that item, will have time to present a brief report from the committee. That report could be neutral, or could be a statement for or against, based on the committee’s conversation and consensus.

Resolution Committees will meet after lunch on Monday, June 12.

Any voting member of the Annual Conference can volunteer to participate in a Resolution Committee. If you’d like to participate, you’ll be able to indicate your interest when you register for Annual Conference.

While you won’t be able to choose exactly which resolutions you’ll work on, you will have an opportunity to rank your interests a few weeks before Annual Conference.

The Resolution Committee team will review the pool of interested attendees and your ranked interests, and build out Resolution Committees that represent a diversity of thought and experience.