New spaces come in all shapes and forms, but every new space …

  1. Gathers new faces: designed to reach unchurched and dechurched people
  2. Meets regularly: not a one-time event
  3. Relates to a UMC entity: a supportive connection to the Body
  4. Forms disciples: helps people follow in the Way of Jesus

New spaces usually …

  1. are lay led
  2. meet off campus
  3. gather around some affinity or shared interest
  4. are relatively small groups
  5. grow out of a “third space” already in the mission field
  6. adapt traditional spiritual practices

This summer, we will host three conference calls, and anyone  in this room or in your church  is welcome to jump in. In the first half of the call, you will have the opportunity to share your initial ideas for how to gather new faces in new spaces. Everyone will be able to listen in, gather new ideas and be encouraged and inspired. In the second half of the call, we’ll focus on one or two of those ideas and provide real-time coaching on how to move forward.