How Your Gift Helps

  • We are creating jobs that enhance the community and provide pathways to sustainable careers through our Boots on the Ground (see below) community residents are paid a living wage while supporting community programs and receiving additional soft-skills job training to become more employable.

  • We are supporting business incubators, start-ups and expansion. Community residents starting their own businesses or expanding existing ones eventually hire more neighbors. Consultants and volunteers help residents develop business models, do the legal paperwork, and think through the start-up or expansion processes.
    • $500 provides initial support for one new business.

  • We are improving children’s learning. Church and community members are volunteering their time during school and on Saturdays to help children learn.
    • $1000 buys books and materials to support the volunteers and children at one elementary school for one school year.

  • We are improving the quality of care and child development for children ages birth through three. Many children in our neighborhoods are cared for by loving friends or relatives who don’t always have the skills to help children reach developmental milestones needed for success in school.
    • $2000 provides training leading to licensure for five care providers—not only helping the children they serve, but also helping them open or expand their business.

  • We are supporting and developing people committed to ministry with. We need full-time workers—an intern, a ministry student, or a current resident who will commit to living in either of our communities for a year and gain life-long ministry skills, while serving with our communities in strategic ways.
    • $1500 provides basic living expenses for one person for one month.

Boots on the Ground refers to a cadre of community partners who are residents of the neighborhood that support the ZCC vision and mission in these ways:

  • Living wage: They are receiving direct pay at the rate of $14/hour—a living wage, which enables these partners to move more quickly out of poverty.
  • Neighborhood credibility: These new employment opportunities convince skeptical neighbors that the ZCC is serious and “doing something” immediately to impact poverty.
  • Job training: While they are employed, they are receiving training in general job skills that will increase their employability and lead to full-time employment at a living wage, with no need for further wage support.
  • Social good: The community partners are using their relationships and credibility to connect people in the neighborhood to resources and assistance from outside agencies and organizations.

You and your church can help create more jobs like this in the communities we serve. While we are leveraging grant funds to pay the salaries of our Boots on the Ground partners, it takes organizational resources to continue to scale up the program.

  • $20 supports a worker for a day
  • $100 supports a worker for a week
  • $400 supports a worker for a month
  • $2500 supports a worker for the full program — six months of work and six months of training that will prepare our neighbors for a sustainable career path


How to donate

Send a check by mail

Make the check payable to North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church
Indicate in the memo line that it is for the Zip Code Connection
If you would like your donation to go to a particular community — South Dallas or Red River County —  add that in the memo line also

Address: North Texas Conference of the UMC
Attn: Carolyn Bryels
PO Box 866128
Plano, TX 75086-6128
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