• CitySquare Pastoral LogoCitySquare Pastoral Leadership Cohort: As a way of equipping rural churches and leaders for “ministry with,” the CMO is partnering with CitySquare and Rev. Rob Spencer to provide a unique coaching and resourcing opportunity. In 2015, Rev. Rob Spencer and First UMC Paris boldly re-engaged their community through school partnerships, which provoked big questions about how to respond to issues of generational poverty, affordable housing and transforming a city through partnerships. They approached CitySquare, our resident poverty fighting experts, for help. Included in the Pastoral Leadership Cohort are site visits, regular coaching calls and goal-setting, plus access to the expertise of Rev. Larry James and the staff of CitySquare. This cohort will bring this substantial knowledge and experience, along with a sense of community, to rural pastors. In June 2019, seven clergy from the East and Northwest Districts took part in the cohort.

For more information, email Rev. Jessica Wright or call 972-526-5018.