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October 21-22

Dallas - Overnight accommodations with host families are available as needed



Flip the Script: Discerning Your Prophetic Purpose is a weekend retreat for Christian young adults who want their lives, and their faith, to “make a difference” but aren’t sure how. Together, we’ll use practices of prophetic storytelling, inspired by community organizing, to explore questions of purpose and calling. Attendees will walk away with greater clarity about their own purpose and motivation, their gifts and sources of hope, and how their “story” fits into God’s story.

This retreat is for you if you're:

  • A young adult, ages 18-30
  • Inspired by the Christian faith (whether self-identified “Christian” or not)
  • Passionate about justice and making a difference
  • Thoughtful and open to learning
  • Interested in being a leader


Tentative Schedule (over 1 1/2 days)

What is Vocational Discernment?

We first introduce you to different ways of thinking about vocational discernment, and then invite you into our prophetic approach by exploring how your passion connects to God's greater striving for justice in the world.

What is storytelling?

We take our first deep dive into story work, by finding and sharing specific moments where God has called each of us to step into our prophetic purpose--and we've responded. We'll help each other connect to our stories by practicing deep listening and mindful questioning.

Storytelling II

We go deeper into story work, unearthing the myths about ourselves that have shaped our worldview, and rediscovering the sources of hope that have been strongest in our lives.

Flipping the Script

We put together the pieces of the previous day to create the new story for ourselves to help guide our discernment process. We identify the next steps God is inviting us to take to live into that story.


People's Supper

Join us for an evening of good food and good conversation as we think about the state of our relationships with one another and our communities in this moment.  People's Supper is an optional event, please click the link below register separately


Youth Flip The Script: Faithful Futures

Faithful Futures is a 3-hour workshop Christian high school students who want their lives, and their faith, to “make a difference” but aren’t sure how as they consider next steps in the journey after graduation. Together, we will explore the concept of vocation and help students identify areas of call that are speaking to their hearts right now. Students will leave with a prophetic purpose statement and an asset map of conversations partners and organizations in their life that can help them explore these their calling in greater depth.
If you know any youth ages 15-18 that would benefit from this, please have them register at the link above


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