The Marks of Fruitfulness is a summative tool used in the context of a formative process aimed at helping pastors build capacity for living as faithful disciples, leading congregations effectively and developing fruitful ministries in the mission field. 

Summative Process

The evaluation process for the North Texas Conference is available for completion between Sept. 1 – Dec. 15. All appointed clergy and their staff parish (SPRC/PPRC) committees should log into the system with the username and password provided by email. All evaluations should be completed no later than Dec. 15.

If you have general questions, please contact your District Office or email .

General Information

Each year Clergy and S/PPRCs are asked to complete the Profile, Review and Evaluation forms. These 3 forms assist the Cabinet in making decisions for the upcoming appointment season. The Bishop and Cabinet will begin using the information from these forms in January. 

You should always begin any online form completion at the NTC website for Clergy and S/PPRC's End of Year Reports here.

Login Information

Please click the below associated instructions for login information. If username or password assistance is needed, please contact your District Office or email .

Click here to download Clergy Login Information

Click here to download S/PPRC Login Information

If username or password assistance is needed, please contact your District Office or email .

Completing the Evaluation

Review the Marks of Fruitfulness Evaluation to become familiar with the skills and competencies that will be evaluated.  

To maximize your time, it may be helpful to use the above mentioned document to capture and save comments. Copy and Paste (using Ctrl-V) into Marks of Fruitfulness. 

When beginning work on the evaluation, please allocate 20-25 minutes to complete.

Each "mark" will require a comment that supports your rating. This is a free form, so add any information that will be supportive. If the "mark" has not been demonstrated, please select "not observed.