Why participate in Advanced Leadership Coaching? Can you answer yes to any of these questions ...

  • Navigating a new life-ministry blend?
  • Doing good but know it can be great?
  • Doing great but know it can still be better?
  • Going through a transition?
  • Wondering if it’s time to move toward the next transition?
  • Attending a conference or taking a course and want to give your implementation a greater chance of success?
  • Participating in BOM Residency?
  • Just became a senior/solo pastor for the first time?
  • Participating in A Time for Children/Youth?
  • Surviving 2020 and ready to thrive in 2020?

Why Hire A Coach

What is Advanced Leadership Coaching? It is our NTC way of saying any of the descriptions that come up when you enter ’professional coach’ into your search engine; such as ‘executive coach’ or ‘Life strategist’. We believe a key component to Leadership Development is the 1-1 relationship of working with a coach. A full system of professional development includes spiritual disciplines, continuing education, accountability/covenant groups, conferencing, mentoring, spiritual direction, counseling and COACHING! 

Isn't all coaching the same? Across the NTC there are several places that the term ‘coach’ is used, such as Healthy Church Initiative. Programs of that style use a content-rich model with coaches offering specific expertise in a particular area or for moving through the steps of a distinct program. Advanced Leadership Coaching is based in the co-active model. This is an alliance between two equals for the purpose of the coachee achieving their personal and professional best.

How does Advanced Leadership Coaching work? 

  • You register at this link.
  • You complete the pre-coaching worksheet provided by your assigned coach.
  • You schedule monthly meetings with your coach. Prior to each meeting you consider the work you’ve done on the goals previously determined, identify an area to work on in your coaching session, arrive to the coaching session open and ready for all the possibilities.
  • Your coach will check-in on action items from the previous session (some even have a check-in sheet prior to each session!), they will listen deeply, ask powerful questions, be curious, forward and deepen the conversation, work to identify goals, steps and accountability. Your coach will employ lots of skills learned through ICF approved training and continuing education. Skills such as accountability, bottom-lining, brainstorming, championing, clearing, intruding, listening, meta-views, reframing, identifying the saboteur, witnessing and more! Your coach is not there to give advice, begin a sentence with, “back in my day...”, tell you what you should do, analyze your childhood motivations, set your agenda for you.

Who are these Advanced Leadership Coaches? In Fall of 2017, the North Texas Conference launched the Advanced Leadership Coaching initiative led by pastors and lay persons who received a minimum of 60 hours of executive coach training towards certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Most of our Coaches have been trained by Holmes Coaching and a few were trained by Coaching4Clergy. All have received at-least 60-hours of ICF accredited training and most of our coaches have completed individual or group mentor-coaching as a foundation for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

List Of Coaches

What you get ...

  • Monthly coaching sessions by phone or video conferencing
  • Completely confidential
  • Coaching season is September to May
  • A full coaching season is 6 to 8 sessions
  • A value of approximately $800-1,000 per coaching season
  • Members of the North Texas Annual Conference Clergy and Lay staff – $400 per coaching season



There’s more! Group Coaching and Team Coaching are in the works. More information will be available  soon. Email Kelly Carpenter if you are interested and want to be first on the list.